Here is the Taking a Minutes for September 2011. Loving the feedback from everyone, thank you so much. This month spots are focused on God’s character and how that impacts our personal growth. Specifically you may notice alot of emphasis on perseverance, you know, staying at it, and staying hopeful. I think it is a message that resonates with all of us.  Downloads Here

Taking a Minute proudly welcomes to the family in July and August of 2011 (some stations re-registering, like my good friends in Yuma!)
Edgewater Broadcasting, Citadel Broadcasting, Bigloo Christian Radio, 88.1 KCFY, WFIL Radio, 95.5 The Vibe, Diamond Media LLC, and FBC Hobbs
Thanks for airing Taking a Minute, it really does mean so very much to be even a small part of what you all are doing.
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Last Modified: August 26, 2011

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