Get ready for a huge emphasis of asking people to get excited about studying the Word of God… and lots of other fun stuff too. The second spot in the set is for the 4th of July, it is a bit longer and the header says “Taking a Little More than a Minute”. Like you I believe it is a good time for us all to be thinking about the future of our nation, so I reminded everyone that our nation is here because of God, and that is important. God bless all that you are doing! I am working on some spots to help with your fundraising this year. It is good to have another voice reminding God’s desire for His people to become gracious givers. Amen. Here is the link for July Downloads.

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Last Modified: June 27, 2011

3 comments on “July 2011 new Taking a Minute Spots are in!

  1. Ann

    Heard your spot on air one today wanted to print it out for youth group tonight thought it be on their page or this I hope to hear back. Thanks!

  2. Tony Babineaux

    I like listening to you spots on Air One. But may I suggest quieter background music. I am usually distracted by the music because the volume is higher than your voice. I can guarantee you everyone is losing the message halfway through. GOD Bless you and your family.

    1. jason Post author

      Absolutely great feedback Tony, thank you so much. January is already mixed up but expect to hear a clearer message in February.

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