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Taking a Minute Devotional - Jason Anderson  
Taking a Minute
by Jason Anderson

A start anytime daily devotional based on the popular Taking a Minute radio spots

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January 2012 Taking a Minutes

Happy New Year!  Uh-Oh, I changed the background music.  Well, if I don’t change with the times…  Anyways, here they are, albeit a bit late.  I did send out the email on time, so apparently if you sign up for the emailed download you will sometimes get these much earlier.  So sorry.  I have an explanation.  Do you want to hear it?  Okay, so I’m turning 40 in 2012, and as a surprise my family/extended family all took me to Disneyland (yes, land, not world) for the week.  Real fun, but completely unplugged.  Hence… no post.  Well that was irresponsible of me.  So much for being “extraordinary” (one of this months TAMS).  Love you all so much.  Keep rocking your city!  Of course, the blog is posting again too.  Here is the link to this months zip.

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